Decluttering Together for a Better Tomorrow

Sometimes we need an extra hand or two around the house, and that's it. No fancy new storage, no new rug, no new dollar container. We've got enough to use, but our collected abundance of possessions is now overwhelming. We get it. We're here to declutter with you and we promise you are in control.

Collected Abundance serves to declutter with seniors, individuals and families in their homes, improving daily productivity and reducing stress. With conservation and community in mind, we also care for neighbors who are experiencing life transitions and natural disasters.

Focusing on What Works

We're not here to reinvent the wheel. With the busyness of daily life, many don't have time carved out to learn a brand new system. Let's use what has already worked for you, and if tweaks are needed for your current chapter in your journey, we can apply it one step at a time. If you have specialized needs, we can also adjust where necessary.

Ready to Start

If you're reading this, odds are you're needing an organization system, know your needs, and browsing the metroplex to see who clicks with you. We are here to offer you a quick consultation so we don't waste your time. Let's tackle your areas that are out of sight, out of mind!

Dear Neighbor,

Hello! Welcome to my home. I'm Julianna, a professional organizer and owner of Collected Abundance. I am a one-woman show, your neighbor in simplifying life in your home. I specialize in decluttering spaces for people experiencing life transitions such as downsizing, moving out of country, growing a family and changing jobs. I understand there's feelings of embarrassment and shame on the abundance of things. There is zero judgement.

To achieve success, I do require clients to be present and work alongside. Your home is your personal space and having a stranger go through your things can cause great anxiety. Working together not only saves time but also allows you to learn new skills, guiding you through the process both mentally and physically. I look forward to partnering with you to help you enjoy your space and lead a calm life.



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Kind Words from our Neighbors

"Wow! Just wow! I'm amazed! I'm speechless! I thought I had so many things. Where did everything go? I was so worried I would need to buy so many boxes for storage, but everything has a place and organized beautifully. I'm shocked at how much free space I actually have. Thank you so much!"

Westlake neighbor

"You did amazing Julianna. What sticks in my mind is how non judgmental you were. I judge the heck out of myself for not being able to declutter so having your permission to let that go was imperative."

Wells Branch neighbor

"Where flowers bloom, so does hope."

Lady Bird Johnson